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S2C Professional Services serves as a professional I.T consulting company in the greater Brisbane region and Melbourne specilised in Data management and Software development.

S2C's focus is to provide businesses the full capabilities to make data-driven informed decisions. We help businesses make full use of their data, implement metrics, processes automation and bring meaningful insights on their performance. We're a team of highly qualified professionals in commonly used technologies and practices. We tackle everything from complex large projects to smaller scale jobs.

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Quality Service - Outstanding Results

I had the pleasure to use the services of S2C to provide some support and conduct an IT gap analysis and a tender process to select a new IT Services Provider.

S2C's professional approach and open communication ensured that those two projects ran smoothly. I really did appreciate the fact that Sebastien spent extra time to listen and understand the current situation to then provide a tailored approach and solution.

- January 2022 -

Rodolphe Deus Lalanne - CFO at QSO

“S2C Services team accomplished a complex data migration and helped us to change to a more modern cloud based practice software. Not only they mastered the task in an expectedly fashion but also finished the job in short time. Their communication and response are excellent and I particularly like their solid European approach to problem solution. From the very first contact the consultant structured his strategy so timeline as well as well as fees became fully transparent. No hidden surprises here. I can highly recommend S2C team for any IT related problem solution. They are also very well connected in the industry and can help you getting in touch with consultants in related areas”

- May 2019 -

Dr Joerg Rhau - Orthopaedic Surgeon

“Very clear and very Professional”

- Aug 2019 -

Brenden Conolly - Genie Solutions